Over 28% of a company’s marketing budget is dedicated to Content Marketing. Fortune-500 companies, SMB’s, and Tech startups all understand the importance of content marketing, but not many understand how it works. The oldest form of content marketing, writing, is still the dominant force in the industry. Despite the hype of video, vr, and whatever widget comes next, there is no substitute for great written content. If you’re writing is effective it should have at least the following:

  • Fully SEO optimized with keywords
  • LTK optimized for search engines
  • Backlinked to your current content
  • Backlinked to influencer content
  • Between 1000-5000 words in length
  • Distributed beyond Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter
  • Clear CTA and lead capture enabled

When we write content this is our minimal hit list. If you have existing content, we can optimize it to perform better. If you need fresh content, we write it with all of the above included so that it reaches the biggest audience and captures the most leads.



Video receives over 135% higher reach on social media than any other type of content. It’s no industry secret that video matters. But how to do video marketing effectively is a question that is always up for debate and the answer is always evolving. Beyond the typical company video, there are dozens of ways to use video to effectively promote your brand.


We’ve seen webinars, for instance, average up to an 8% conversion rate. For those who are in the B2B space, that is huge! Whether you’re looking to create tutorial videos, a youtube series, or have questions about facebook live, we’re here to help. Our video producers come from Emmy award-winning television shows, dedicated youtube content agencies, and even homegrown independent youtube stars. We regularly advise the biggest tech brands on their video strategy and we’re always updating our own best practices. If you’re not doing video, you’re missing out, period.


“You completely changed our video marketing approach and strategy. The fact that Bogdan analyzed our videos prior made the session highly efficient and we could focus on ways to improve existing content and best practices for the future. Moreover, the technique Bogdan developed to create small/mid/big wins in video marketing is perfect for companies at our stage. I wish we would’ve done it before publishing our first videos.” -Ziv Lautman, CMO @ Breezometer



Without distribution content marketing becomes a big hole you just throw away your money into. Every asset we create is built with a distribution strategy in mind. It is no longer good enough to just post your content to social networks. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are increasingly tightening their choke holds on businesses and the sandbox is becoming an increasingly “pay to play” terrain. When building content you should always be thinking about distribution through:
  • Organic social media
  • Paid social media
  • Influencer marketing
  • Guest posting
  • PR
Social media is still the most cost effective distribution system in the world. If you’re not leveraging it now, you’ll pay twice the price down the road. With our proprietary social media workflows you can automate social media and make your content machine work to optimize leads and generate new business.



“What gets measured gets managed.” If you’re hiring a Content Marketer who doesn’t measure their work beyond just shares, clicks, and likes, then you’re simply throwing money away. Data is at the center of everything we do. We not only measure the basics, but we also work with data analytics companies that can show us deep data about how prospects are interacting with your content. We analyze headlines, read rates, video playback percentages, click-through, lead generation, unsubscribes, keyword competition, keyword ownership, SEM campaigns, and of course conversions.


If you’re only measuring vanity metrics then you’re silently losing your market share. The good news is, deep data is much easier than you think it is, and we’re happy to show you how.